It all started in 1969, when Henkel invented the world's first glue stick, which resembled a lipstick tube, and launched the brand. Pritt now holds a leading position in the glue industry thanks to its strong values, innovation and technology. As a recognised leader in sustainability, Pritt comes out ahead in international indices and rankings. But above all, it plays an important role in the everyday lives of consumers. Begin the journey and discover the transparency of our manufacturing process, the values that have inspired us along the way and learn about the milestones in our history. Welcome to our world!

Our aspiration

An integral part of our vision is to offer consumers strong product performance with a sustainable footprint. Therefore, we continiously strive to further improve our products and explore new areas of application. The compatibility of our products and technologies with health and the environment is assessed continuously within our operations. Learn more about our projects and aspirations!


In 1969, Henkel invented the world's first glue stick after studying the "twist-up ease" and convenience of lipstick applicators, and launched the Pritt brand. Since then, the world of gluing has never been the same! Take a look at Pritt's background and see how our worldwide brand was built and how it became the first glue stick to be used in space.

Journey to Natural Gluing Power

Join us on our interactive journey with Mr. Pritt to the natural gluing power! The only glue stick in the world made from 90% natural ingredients based on a unique combination of potato starch and sugar. The all-time natural gluing power guarantees the best hold for all crafting projects. Get to see how a potato can become a Pritt glue stick by joining Mr. Pritt's adventures with the potato plant!


Henkel is the first company to invent the glue stick concept, with Pritt, a unique brand that manufactures adhesives using potato starch. Discover how our products are produced, distributed and capped, and how we've improved our production process since 1969.

Social initiatives

Pritt provides products that foster the development of children's motor and cognitive skills through creative crafting. In addition, the brand is actively engaged in building a fair and egalitarian social reality in areas of the world with unprivileged educational conditions. To this end, Pritt puts into action its commitment to education by helping children with severe academic deficiencies. Find out how Pritt works to improve and achieve ecological, social and economic goals worldwide with Henkel's support!